Zorka Rose Gallery

The Zorka Rose Art Gallery and Shoppe is located in the heart of the house here at Anthem Tattoo. When we first viewed the Victorian home with the hope of setting our tattoo shop up here, we instantly thought that the main room would be a beautiful space to house an art gallery. As lovers of art and culture, we thought it would be a fun adventure to take on a new project, hence the Zorka Rose gallery was born. Since moving here in April we have joined Artwalk Gainesville which is held on the last Friday of every month, and we have shown a new artist monthly. Artwalk is a self guided gallery tour of art galleries here in downtown Gainesville.
Inside Zorka Rose you will also find a variety of unique vintage items for sale. Anthem Tattoo has always been attracted to odd and interesting things and has decorated every wall and shelf of our shop with funky finds over the years. Our collection has grown and select items are now available for purchase.
If you are interested in having an art show with us, please email: zorkarose@gmail.com for details!
Be sure to check out our Etsy Store!