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Once upon a time,

I was a girl who had a wonderful family, but hadn’t found her place in the world. Filled with lovely notions, lofty ambitions, and plenty of snark… I found my way to Anthem in the midst of a global crisis. They say art is magic (by they I mean myself and at least a handful of others) and I found something truly magical in the art of tattooing, the strength of community, and the power imbued in the history and legacy within. 


I began collecting tattoos throughout my travels long before I began my apprenticeship, and I am continually motivated to meet, be tattooed by, and make connections with other artists around the world. 


I have a very strong connection to my tattoo heritage thanks to my endlessly patient mentors, and am proud to provide this link to a personal essay on tattoo history, for any who are interested in a badass tangent… 

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