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Aubrey grew up in Colorado and Utah and started getting tattooed in Salt Lake City as a teenager.  Her interest grew when she attended the annual SLC tattoo convention and was exposed to the culture of tattooing. She was strongly influenced by seeing the talent and skill from local and foreign artists at that convention. 


She said “...At that time I was in art school for illustration & design, I began to draw tattoo designs and get tattooed by a few different artists in SLC. I learned a lot getting tattooed, I’d draw a design that I wanted to get tattooed and I’d see the changes artists made to make it a more effective and intentional design.”


A while later, she left art school and moved to Florida with the hope that she’d be  able to learn tattooing. Within a year, Wayne Lessard took her on as an apprentice and taught her the tattooing medium. She then joined the Anthem team in the fall of 2021. When she’s not tattooing, Aubrey enjoys painting, sketching and spending time outside with her pup. 

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