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The Fest & Anthem Tattoo

Every year we like to do something special for the Fest crowd. This year is no different.

We will be available for walk-in appointments all weekend long, so make sure to stop

by and get yourself something that will be with you forever!


202 Designs For 2022

We went big again this year! This oversized 40" x 60" flash sheet has 202 designs on it, priced affordably to give you the perfect souvenir. All these designs will be $220 or less during Fest weekend!

Band Inspired Flash

New flash sheets dedicated to bands who have played or are playing FEST. Some of the bands included are: Avail, Baroness, The Menzingers, Suicide Machines, and more!


The Fest 19 Flash Sheet

This is the sheet we made for The Fest 19. Our artists all chose different bands that were playing or have played The Fest including: Dillinger Four, Against Me!, The Bronx, and The Menzingers!

The Fest 18 Giant "Florida" Flash Sheet

For The Fest 18 we went oversized! 129 designs from our artists all focused on the theme of "Florida". This was a big hit and continues to be the center piece of our lobby.


The Fest / Grace
Marketplace Raffle

This is the fourth annual raffle we have been able to partner with The Fest to help raise money for Grace Marketplace. All proceeds are directly donated to Grace to help end homelessness in our area.

Food Truck at Anthem!

We will have our friends Frenchmen Street Food parked out front of Anthem all weekend long ready to serve you delicious vegan food!

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