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Born in 1976, son of Stan and Jan, oldest of 4, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.   Orange and Brown until I die.

Tattooing since 1998, trained by Wayne Lessard in Gainesville, Florida at "Cool World" on SW 4th ave.  Left Gainesville in 2000, after being part of the original Bodytech crew and went and worked for James McDermott at "Staircase Tattoo" in Santa Cruz, California and then Durb Morrisonat "Stained Skin" in Columbus, Ohio.  Back to Gainesville after 3 years away, in 2003 I tattooed at "Fat Cats" in Ocala, and again at "Bodytech", I then open myprivate studio "The Tattshack" on NW 6th St. I opened "Anthem Tattoo" in 2006, and sold "Anthem" to Mike and Samantha Salay in 2011,and here I am, still right here,tattooing, drawing and painting as much as I can.  As always.

Im very greatful for theopportunity to serve my clients and I take representing the city of Gainesville seriously- I was raised in Cleveland but Gainesville is where I learned to be a professional and Gainesville has put a roof over my head, put my wife through college and now our community feeds my two sons, Viktor and Malkolm.  I try to never turn anyone's idea away and I try to make everyone's idea into the best tattoo I can.

I've work at "Anthem Tattoo" since it opened and I love my tattoo family here, please check out all of my co-workers as well and feel free to stop by anytime and check us out or contact me directly with any inquiers.

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