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Tim was born and raised right here in beautiful Gainesville, Florida. His formative years were spent on skateboards and being part of the local punk rock scene. Both of these cultures would greatly influence his life and outlook, and become the initial allure of tattooing. While still in his early twenties he tried venturing into the world at large. After a brief taste of city life in Tampa, he decided no place compares to Alachua County. In 2009 he was able to start a career in tattooing.  Several years later and he’s more passionate about it than ever. Besides tattooing Tim also enjoys painting and working on flash. These designs can be seen in his station and through out the shop, and he’s always happy to turn them into tattoos. When not working here at Anthem, he does occasional guest spots, and conventions. You can follow his social media for updates on where he’ll be next.

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